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Groupe SSI offers an effective way to manage your business’ communications and computing resources remotely

Groupe SSI offers an effective way to manage your business’ communications and computing resources remotely

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A small investment that pays off big


If you want to develop your IT infrastructure to keep up with your business without spending large sums of money, the implementation of a cloud network is the ideal solution.


Cloud services allow you to create custom technological applications with the tools you really need as your business grows. They also allow for substantial savings since you aren’t paying for unnecessary software, or for the maintenance of large servers.


It is essential to make an in-depth analysis of all the software and applications that you are using for the smooth migration of your infrastructure.


Contact Groupe SSI’s experts for an assessment of your current system and of the needs of your users to get an infrastructure perfectly adapted to your organization!

Custom solutions that match your reality


Our IT specialists offer virtual or conventional solutions and will discuss effects and impacts with you. Moving your files from the internal servers to an online system causes a lot of changes. We will offer you a solution customized to your work environment…


After analyzing your needs and those of your employees, Groupe SSI takes charge of the project and provides an experienced team that has the resources and expertise needed to carry out all aspects of the new implantation.


Our qualified technicians are always there to answer all your questions and if you wish to make changes, they are available to make the right diagnosis and to find the right solution.

Our products

We offer first-rate products and systems which can be adjusted according to your needs:

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription system that encompasses a variety of desktop applications and online communications. This cloud system is perfect for small or medium-sized businesses who don’t have an IT department. Safe, reliable, and easy to use, Microsoft Office 365 is ideal for companies that want to offer their staff the chance to telecommute, since they can share and backup their files online. We take care of the implantation and migration to Microsoft Office 365 to create an online operating system that meets your needs. We can subsequently manage and maintain the system remotely.

Online backup


Nearly 70% of the operating costs of a business’s computer system are caused by emergency maintenance. If you want to increase the security of your data within your organization, we recommend that you opt for an online backup service that allows you to keep all your files in a single location in order to secure your important data. We implement an effective, efficient, and safe online backup system to improve the management of your business.

Security software


Malicious software can cause the loss of your data. We recommend using an up-to-date and effective security system in order to optimize the security of your business, to avoid information theft, and to protect your business assets.

Hosting infrastructure


We create a virtual hosting infrastructure to keep all your software and applications in a single location. With us you don’t have to install cumbersome servers, which is perfect for small organizations.

  • Fast and professional service
  • A safe, reliable and efficient computer network
  • Automated data backup
  • Effective and efficient security solutions
  • Effective integration of cloud services

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