An online backup solution
in Montreal and on the North Shore

Make the cloud the backbone of your data

93% of companies that lose their data withdraw from business within two years of the disaster.

SSI Group protects you against the loss of your data

Complete and reliable recovery


With our online solution, you will be able to save all changes to your data to our secure backup servers periodically or even in real time. In the event of local data loss during theft, fire, or hardware incident, you could restore data from any computer.

Automatic and secure backup


Our custom online backup solution automatically transfers your data to our servers located in Canada and secures your data offsite. Your data is automatically backed up off-site in real time periodically or even in real time, freeing your staff from tedious traditional backups to focus on your business goals.

Our Canadian Tier 3+ and SOC 2 Type II certified data centers store your data securely and protect it from disasters

Better control of data recovery

For example, if your company has suffered a fire or flood, it will be possible to retrieve your data from any other location. All authorized users can connect to a web interface, choose the files they want to restore and download them to the desired location.

A restoration made according to the high standards of the industry

If your computer system has suffered breakage or loss after a major failure, rest assured, our certified specialists carry out the complete refurbishment of your computer network and make all the necessary updates so that you quickly have a functional computer system.

Ranked among the best IT managers in Montreal SSI Group offers you a gram of complete services
and human support that allows you to achieve your goals without worrying about your IT infrastructure.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

Use online backup to protect your business from data loss.

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