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Groupe SSI offers you to switch to virtual mode and opt for secure cloud solutions perfectly adapted to the new needs of your business.

Our Microsoft-certified experts support the transition of your existing systems to cloud computing. In this way, we contribute in a way to the success of your organization.

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Microsoft Office 365 has communication and collaboration tools from Microsoft. This system also offers lightweight versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint as well as full versions installed locally on your network. Through the cloud, users of your files have direct access to your Microsoft applications.

This suite is aimed specifically at companies and professionals in order to respond to the new trend of work desired by their various employees.

Previously known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 has undergone significant revolutions to the point where it has become one of the most indispensable IT tools of the 21st century. It is useful not only to individuals, but also to companies whether small, medium or large.


Four different tools are integrated into it, and make it the most admirable computer tool of the 21st century. These are:

Microsoft SharePoint


It is an essential tool incorporated into the Microsoft 365. In addition to the many advantages it offers to companies, it is quite easy to set up.

Stimulator of teamwork and productivity booster


Microsoft SharePoint offers two unimaginable benefits to all the companies where it operates.


First, it is a tool that stimulates teamwork. Teamwork is one of the factors that allow companies to achieve their goals. So it’s no wonder it’s the daily quest of most companies. SharePoint helps you succeed in this kind of work. It promotes the creation of websites for the distribution of documents with your colleagues, customers and partners. It can even work on several media namely:


  • The computer;
  • Mobile devices;
  • The Mac;
  • Android;
  • The iOS.


Second, SharePoint boosts your company’s level of productivity. Any company that advocates teamwork wants speed and efficiency in meeting the needs of its customers. So with SharePoint, you can easily increase your company’s level of productivity.

Who can implement SharePoint in your company?


For the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint,the experts of the SSI Group are at your disposal. Indeed, security measures are always taken by IT managers. The implementation is always carried out according to the needs of each company. Thus, whatever the field of activity of your company, you will be able to implement and use it in all its dimensions. Similarly, the size of your business won’t be a barrier to enjoying SharePoint.


The cloud computing specialist Groupe SSI will ensure you an irreproachable implementation. With this team, you even have the option to sign up for a SharePoint subscription.

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is that IT wonder that businesses really need. Not only does it bring simplicity to thecommunication environment of your company, but also its implementation is without particular difficulty.

Optimization of your communication network


With Microsoft Teams, conversations with your colleagues become smoother. You can make an unlimited number of video as well as voice calls. Better yet, you can organize video conferences with your colleagues at your own pace.


Microsoft Teams makes it easy to prepare or organize your meetings. At once, you will be able to perform multiple tasks. Like what:


  • Discuss with participants on the agenda;
  • Share with them the files to be exploited;
  • Consult the list of participants;
  • Reply to a chat…


The other benefit for your business is that video calls made with Microsoft Teams are always recorded. This way, colleagues or partners who are absent from the meeting can easily find out about the details.

Contact a cybersecurity company to implement Microsoft Teams?


For cybersecurityreasons, it is preferable to entrust the implementation of Microsoft Teams to a network manager or maintenance technician. Securing your information is fundamental, because data piracy is a danger facing all companies. It can ruin your efforts for many years. This is why it is advantageous to entrust the implementation to a specialist.

The SSI Group guarantees you a secure installation. By entrusting him with the implementation of Microsoft Teams,you bypass all the risks of data and software piracy and you dodge certain emergencies of computer troubleshooting.

Timesheet and expense


It is a time and expense management tool built into Microsoft 365. It has been designed to make it easy to manage companies’ schedules and expense accounts. It is essential for all corporate agents, and especially for human resources and finance managers. With this tool, you will be able to safely have a schedule of your company and update it easily. You will be able to easily manage:


  • Employees’ hours of leave;
  • Hours of work;
  • Banks of hours;
  • Spending in a more ingenious way.


In addition, this tool will facilitate the submission of expense accounts as well as the categorization of invoices and supporting documents. In this way, you will be able to produce regular and unmothered reports.

Email signature for Office 365


This is the tool that manages email signatures for Microsoft 365. In reality, the signature of emails is handled by CODETwo Email Signatures.


This tool is compatible with Android mobiles, iOS and with all email applications embedded in computers and Mac.


This means that CODETwo allows you to do several things, such as using:

  • Logos to social media;
  • Banners and links to social media;
  • Profile pictures of your employees;
  • The release scheduler;
  • Management with assurance of all legal opinions of your agents.


In Quebec,theimplementation of this tool is not a problem. With the support of IT service providers like GROUPE SSI,you will get by.

When work and freedom can rhyme

The Microsoft Office 365 suite enables mobility and the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. A personalized installation of all applications and the right parameters make it possible to evolve the productivity and the organization of the work of your employees.

We make it easy for you

Although Microsoft Office 365 is designed for easy use, its countless features can be very complex. Our experts analyze your systems in place and the needs of your users to offer you a tailor-made system that adapts to the evolution of your business.

Safety first

We offer a complete Office 365 backup service to ensure the durability of your data.

Essential tools that improve productivity

No matter your operating system, Microsoft Office 365 provides the applications that are the key to properly managing productivity and communications for your business:

  • Desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, and Teams.
  • The web applications of the Office suite, which are lightweight versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and are accessible by all your employees via the Internet.
  • Exchange Online, a hosted email tool that provides users with access to email, calendars, contacts, and tasks from their computers, the internet, and other mobile devices.
  • Teams, a communications service that reaches people for conversations and meetings at any time and from virtually any location.
  • SharePoint Online, a portal for sharing files and documents.

Avoid the worst with the right security configuration

While working with cloud solutions brings its share of benefits, your business becomes at risk of falling prey to hackers. It is therefore essential to configure your IT environment securely. Groupe SSI strengthens you in the fight against cybercriminals by offering you security solutions that allow you to counter phishing.

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