Computer Science and IT Management

SSI Group has full expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure solutions

Negotiating your digital shift has never been easier.

The strength of Groupe SSI is the personalized services. We have comprehensive expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure solutions.

Cloud computing experts

We stand out thanks to our strong skills in the field of cloud computing. Also known as cloud, cloud computing is a reliable and cost-effective approach. It is useful for consuming and provisioning enterprise IT resources and applications. By paying only for one-time or long-term needs, the cloud reduces operating costs. Groupe SSI can make the easy, fast and secure transition of your IT systems to cloud computing. This will improve your productivity and work organization without paying astronomical sums.

We can install the Microsoft Office 365 suite or meet the new technological needs of your existing systems. SSI Group has the resources and certified staff to analyze your system and perform your migration seamlessly and securely.

Your IT infrastructure in Montreal

  • Development of IT infrastructures
  • Cloud network implementation
  • Adapted to your challenges
  • Adaptive to your growth
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization
  • Local and wireless network
  • High quality servers
  • Technical support by phone or remotely
  • Secure solution
  • A stable, reliable and efficient computer network
  • Effective security solutions

Customized services

Groupe SSI specializes in the implementation of technological tools that allow you to adapt to digital evolution. In addition, it simplifies the IT management of your company by improving performance. We take care of the installation, repair, maintenance and management of your computer network. Our Microsoft experts also support cloud migration and deployment of Microsoft Office 365. Your productivity or the security of your data will never be jeopardized.

For professionals

For professionals, Groupe SSI carries out its work according to the security framework imposed by the Professional Orders.

We have developed expertise in the optimization of IT networks and cloud solutions that adequately meets the new needs and realities of SMEs. Thanks to Groupe SSI, you get customized, efficient, stable and safest technological solutions.

The reference for IT solutions

Groupe SSI offers you an IT infrastructure that perfectly matches your needs. For example, we can install high-performance servers, implement a local or wireless network or optimize the security of your it platform. We can also create user and data management software or install visualization and conceptualization software.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

To assess your needs, contact one of our IT specialists without further delay!

Ranked among the best IT managers in Montreal SSI Group offers you a gram of complete services
and human support that allows you to achieve your goals without worrying about your IT infrastructure.