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In order to support companies in the protection of their sensitive computer data, the SSI Group offersyou effective solutions to fight and prevent possible cyberattacks. A successful cybersecurity of your company is paramount, because your data can end up on the Dark Web.


With that, we respond to threats and ensure the protection of your computer data at all times thanks to the identification of your vulnerabilities carried out by our team of cybersecurity experts.

Penetration testing and vulnerability identification

To begin with, you need to determine the vulnerabilities in your computer system. For this, we carry out a penetration test. Penetration testing is a technique that allows our team to simulate an attack against your IT services. This can be an external or internal simulation. Thanks to this test, flaws that could leave the field open to a cybercriminal attack will be detected and the appropriate solutions will be taken. For this purpose, there are a multitude of penetration tests whose realization depends on the specific needs of your company. These include:



  • Penetration test for external network:this test allows you to check the resistance threshold of your computer systems by simulating an attack from the internet;
  • Penetration test for internal network: this test is performed within your own network by simulating an attack by a malicious collaborator;
  • Cloud penetration testing: thanks to efficient and specialized penetration testing techniques of an internal or external network, we identify the shortcomings of your cloud services;
  • Microsoft 365 Penetration Testing: This test applications that contain sensitive data to prevent data loss.

However, these tests are carried out according to the specific needs of the company concerned.

The process of a penetration test


The methodology of a penetration test is divided into three main stages: the audit, the test and the report.


First, our team of cybersecurity experts performs an audit on the overall state of your security system. This makes it possible to determine the type of penetration test that is right for your company. Also, the objective of the audit is to find safety problems whose immediate repairs are necessary.

The test

Secondly, we carry out the necessary penetration test on the security level of the company’s computer networks. This allows us to detect flaws or breaches that can be a cyberattack portal. During this evaluation, several penetration tests can be carried out.

The report

Finally, we draw up a report in which we detail the various flaws contained in your computer system. This report also contains the solution approaches that need to be taken to address these vulnerabilities.

Why perform a penetration test?


Hackers with their perfect mastery of the flaws contained in each technology do not hesitate to take advantage of it. As a result, when a vulnerability resides in your computer system, you are uncovered. And because our experts also have this excellent understanding of the technology, they will be able to detect flaws and fix them.


Thanks to this service, you will comply with the standards of the sector in which you operate.

Is there a good time to perform a penetration test?


It is best to be proactive by performing the penetration test regularly. This will allow you to first detect any vulnerabilities present in your computer system. For example, when you update your database or launch an application, these are actually opportunities to perform a penetration test.



Dark Web Surveillance: Proactive Dark Web Monitoring


The SSI Group offers you a monitoring system that allows you to receive an alert when someone tries to sell to a third party, sensitive information (emails, passwords, etc.) about your company on the Dark Web.



Why use our proactive data monitoring solution on the dark web?


This monitoring makes your business proactive when it comes to cybersecurity. To do this, we set up a continuous monitoring program in order to be alerted quickly as soon as a data related to your company ends up on the underground web. This allows you to take immediate corrective measures to avoid major disasters.

The Corporate Phishing Awareness Solution for Employees

Employees in your company are usually exposed to cyberattacks. Aware of this fact, we offer you theenterprise phishingsolution, because it significantly reduces the risk of attacks. This solution consists of basic testing using a simulated attack, interactive training, and continuous evolution of phishing risks.

The basic test


The basic test gives us the opportunity to know the percentage of employees exposed to the risk of cyberattack through a simulated phishing attack.

Training your employees


We offer you a lot of content on phishing awareness training through interactive modules, videos, posters, newsletters, etc.

Benefit from the results


You get statistics and graphs of campaigns conducted internally. You also benefit from a detailed report of each of your employees. This way, be more alert about the risk areas of your business.

In addition, contact this company for the security of your company’s networks and computer systems.

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