A Microsoft Azure solution
in Montreal and on the North Shore

Make the cloud your tool for simplicity

Easy and permanent access to your workspace

With the Azure virtual desktop solution, working is no longer an obstacle because the physical factor is absent. This is because your desktop is cloud-based, you can access your desktop anytime and from any location.

This factor allows your company’s mobile workers to continue to access the company’s internal network despite being remote. It should also be added that this virtual nature of the workspace increases the productivity of all those who have access to the platform.

This advantage is based on the fact that the tools you need to perform your tasks are all available on the software.

Add new employees and manage tasks

With the Microsoft cloud solution, integrating new employees into your company will no longer be a long-term task for you. Hiring will now be done in a few clicks. All you need is the internet connection to add a new user to the platform.

Once the latter is integrated into your internal network, you can use the server’s cloud software to manage all its tasks. The outsourcing offered by this solution on Datacenter is based on the ability to collect computer data, publish resources and assign roles.

You also have host pools that you can configure and from which you can publish individual full desktop and remote applications. In addition to network management, you can also administer virtual machines and then troubleshoot problems, specifically through an IT support service on the platform.

A secure workspace

Security is an additional layer of the advantages you have access to with the Azur virtual desktop apart from IT management. Due to the fact that it is a virtual solution, all user data is stored in the cloud. Thus, in case of loss, theft or failure of your device, you have the certainty of always accessing your computer data.

In addition, with this IT solution, you benefit from various and effective cybersecurity features. These include Microsoft Defender, Azure Security Center, and Azure Firewall. With all these offers, you are safe from malware, ransomware and any other viruses that can harm the computer security of your network.

What is Azure virtual desktop remote desktop?

Launched in September 2019 and provided by Microsoft, Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop virtualization service. The remote desktops you have access to with this solution are therefore not physical. They are also not available on digital devices, but rather on a cloud server. This is located in a Datacenter.

Minimize costs


With Azur virtual desktop’s cloud computing and management software, you are guaranteed to minimize your company’s infrastructure costs. Unlike a VPN solution, the software doesn’t require investment in hardware like a router.

All the equipment you need is on the Microsoft cloud. Your most important expense item is the internet connection.

A scalable and flexible solution


The economic nature of remote desktop is also based on the fact that you pay per employee per month. Understand that it is according to the number of users that you are charged access to the cloud platform. Thus, you do not have to invest in a solution that will only be partially used.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

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