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No matter what field you operate in Montreal,you can’t achieve big goals today without the use of certain IT services. One of the most indispensable is theIT outsourcingservice.


IT outsourcing is a process of hiring a partner to either partially or fully manage your company’s technology and information (IT) services. The objective here is to entrust the management of one or some of your activities to a third party legal entity. It is therefore obvious that you need a confident partner, quite professional and with a reasonable financial requirement.


But, what kinds of companies really need IT outsourcing and what are the many interests they can derive from it? Why should you thinklessly choose the SSI Group for the management of your company’s IT services?

What type of company is IT outsourcing for?


IT outsourcing is undoubtedly aimed at all kinds of companies. Although the needs of companies for IT services now vary according to their size, today all companies need them.


Whether small, medium or large, few companies will excel or reach great levels in their field without IT outsourcing.


Today, no matter what field you take, the customer base and demand are more digital than physical.


Whether you’re a fledgling or oldcompany, you need to outsource your IT services. His little touch, his small contributions will certainly give a new dimension to your business.

Why do you need to do it outsourcing?


Three fundamental reasons should push you to do an IT outsourcing for your reason. These are:


  • Reducing your budget;
  • The net decrease in your tasks or activities;
  • The security of your company’s data and software.

Reducing your budget


When you opt for IT outsourcing, it automatically creates a financial impact. This is not only to thebenefit of your business,but also to that of your customers. You are witnessing a systematic reduction of certain costs and thus of your entire budget. For example, you will no longer need to acquire certain computer equipment.


What’s more, thanks to cloud alternatives,IT outsourcing saves you from unnecessarily investing large amounts in IT infrastructure. Such optimization is automatically felt by your customers, especially on purchase prices, service remuneration and others.

The net decrease in your tasks or activities


IT outsourcing will be a real help to your business. It immediately and significantly lightens your tasks or activities. By entrusting certain services or the entire IT department to this external service provider, you have time to focus on the essential things. In this way, it grows your business in terms of performance and speed.

The security of your company’s data


Only the IT expert masters the specificities and technicalities of cybersecurity. Making the choice of IT outsourcing is therefore also, entrusting an expert with the management of your entire computer system for a better security of your data. This means that you are safe from cyber threats. The structure has working tools such as the latest generation software for the protection of your data.

The IT outsourcing service, a matter of the SSI Group


In the Mascouche region of Quebec, we cannot talk about computer outsourcing without mentioning the SSI Group. This giant of IT services requires great qualities that make it an indispensable partner for any type of company.



Exceptional follow-up of your customers


In terms of computer management, assistance and troubleshooting in Quebec, the SSI Group is a truly extraordinary company. She takes care of you in different ways. First, you benefit from extensive skills based on a rich and varied experience, as it has known a diverse clientele. Secondly, the proposed solutions have already proved their worth at the time of previous missions. Finally, you are assured of permanent and continuous monitoring.


On the other hand, its it management policy also takes into account your customers. Through a special page,it allows all your customers to have immediate access to the management system.


With thisinvention, your customers will no longer need to make great hassles to address their request to you. They will be able to do everything from this special portal for customers.

SSI Group covers all your cloud services


Choosing the SSI Groupmeans choosing a versatile IT management company. There is no such thing as a cloud service that its experts cannot support depending on the type of business you have. They can provide you with a fully cloudservice, or offer you a hybrid service according to your choice. Thus, you will not need or no longer need to take several companies at once, nor to spend for several at once for this kind of services.

The SSI Group ensures the training of your employees


It is not obvious that all your employees can properly master all the IT systems useful to the different activities of your company. This is why the SSI Group provides tailor-made training.


In the end, you have at your disposal here, ENB maintenance technicians for any computer troubleshooting.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

Ranked among the best IT managers in Montreal SSI Group offers you a gram of complete services
and human support that allows you to achieve your goals without worrying about your IT infrastructure.