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OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage service. It is accessible to all Microsoft 365 users. From file storage to data protection to co-creation of files.

Data protection


Cybersecurity is very important for a business. When a company acquires good COMPUTER security, it is the protection of its activity that it ensures. With OneDrive, user data is protected against various cyberattacks. Companies storing their data on OneDrive therefore do not have to worry about the security of their computer data.

By outsourcing files to OneDrive, companies protect their data from the technical hazards that their workstations or server may suffer. This is because data stored on OneDrive is protected by Microsoft Cloud. A ransomware detection module is therefore integrated into OneDrive to analyze the behavior of malware and quickly eliminate attacks.

In addition, whether your files are in transit or at rest, Microsoft encrypts them. This reassures all the more about the security of your data stored on OneDrive. Also, there is the “Personal Vault” feature that allows you to add an extra layer of protection for storing important files. This additional protection can be biometric authentication or a second PIN code.

Easy access to data


Thanks to the development of information technology (IT), it has become much easier to manage a company’s data. Indeed, OneDrive provides an online storage space of 1 TB. This allows users, including businesses, to store their files on this cloud solution and thus reduce the amount of data to be kept on their computers.

In reality, files stored on OneDrive can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. So even without a desktop or PC, you can access it through the app. There is also an Android, iOS, macOS, Xbox application and for all versions of Windows. So if you have an emergency in the middle of a weekend that requires consulting your company’s files, you no longer need to travel.

In addition, thanks to the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph application programming interface, it is possible to find important files very quickly. Concretely, when you search for a file in your OneDrive space, this technology provides file suggestions taking into account certain criteria. This makes it possible to quickly identify the file you need.

Data backup


OneDrive not only allows businesses to store their files, but also backs them up. In fact, Microsoft offers a document versioning feature that allows users to go back and restore earlier versions of their stored documents. They have the ability to go back to the last 500 versions of a document for 90 days.

Thus, OneDrive users get a 30-day backup of their data. This implies that in case of technical hazards or attacks, they can restore their files at any time in the last 30 days. By using OneDrive, companies are therefore reassured that in the event of attacks on their computer facilities, they do not permanently lose their data.

Moreover, to restore files, users have the option to choose the desired recovery time. To do this, OneDrive shows them file activity and allows them to select the recovery times that match their needs.

Real-time file sharing and co-creation

OneDrive allows businesses to securely share files with people inside or outside their business. This sharing can be done directly through the OneDrive menu or via a link sent by email. In the case of shareable links, there are risks, as the links can fall into the wrong hands. Thus, Microsoft prevents links from being accessible over a long period of time.

In reality, Microsoft gives file managers the ability to set an expiration date for links based on their needs when sharing them. Also, companies have the possibility to obtain reports and optimize the level of security of their files according to the presence or not of sensitive content in the documents. This allows them to set permissions for access to shared files.

In addition, thanks to the file co-creation features offered by OneDrive, collaboration on remote projects or the finalization of documents is greatly facilitated. In fact, when a file is stored in OneDrive storage, users can edit it together and track changes over time. This allows companies to avoid having multiple versions of the same document.

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