A computer server solution
in Montreal and on the North Shore

Installation, maintenance and programming of your computer servers.

SSI Group takes care of the installation, maintenance and programming of your computer servers

An essential tool


Automating your IT system allows you to better manage and store your data and applications. It is for this reason that it is important to install one or more high-performance computer servers in order to better perform the IT tasks of your organization. Whether you want a server room or just a high-performance computer programmed to do the automated management of your files, Groupe SSI takes care of all stages of the project, from the feasibility study to the regular maintenance of your system.

A detailed analysis to better help you


The key to any successful server installation is a detailed analysis of your business needs and the overall state of your IT assets. Our specialists come to your company to examine all possible paths in order to create a realistic plan that takes care of everything that has to do in the short, medium or long term. This way you have all the necessary tools to make an informed decision.

Programming according to industry standards


The configuration and implementation of computer servers requires in-depth knowledge and rigor, as it is an important step in creating a stable and reliable system. Our specialists have the necessary expertise to implement stable and efficient server solutions.

Automated maintenance for a system that is always secure


Does your operating system need an update? No problem, we can do it to your company or remotely. In this way, your computer network remains efficient at all times.

We have the good management of your business at heart!

Ranked among the best IT managers in Montreal SSI Group offers you a gram of complete services
and human support that allows you to achieve your goals without worrying about your IT infrastructure.