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Today, the development of companies goes through the development of it. In other words, the influence of new technologies in general and especially of software and web applications is well established. Whatever the sector of activity of your organization, it is imperative to use software to manage all kinds of resources and reduce repetitive gestures as much as possible. But not all computer programs offer you this opportunity. This is why it is best to opt for the services of an expert company in cloud computing such as the SSI Group. Discover here his expertise in application development through the Microsoft 365service.

Amplify your operational efficiency


The development of applications within your company contributes to the automation of your processes. These applications are designed according to the needs of your business. For example, we have the Microsoft Teams IP phone, which is a telephone communication system connected to your internet network. Indeed, with this single application, you can manage all the communication of your company. This not only promotes the efficiency of your operational system,but also saves you time.


What’s more, with the SSI Group, it is possible to stop wasting time and gain in efficiency. This is possible thanks to an app that gives you the opportunity to save time.


Optimization of daily results


There are many repetitive tasks in the company that hinder its efficiency. Having modern and up-to-date applications optimizes these daily tasks. Through this automation, your administrators will no longer have to make a notification at the end of a given assignment. In addition, the update of the customer contract will be automatic based on the information that is on the cloud. In this way, you maximize your production, without wasting time.

Complete traceability on all your company’s activities


The digital transformation of the company makes it possible to reconstruct the entire history of activities. Because all information and documents will be likely to be recorded as operations take place. So you can have a global view of everything that’s going on in your administration. For this purpose, you can focus on tasks with real values.

A team of experienced developers to provide you with application solutions


An application developer is a person with multiple computer skillsand a perfect understanding of the programming language. It sets up programs and especially applications for companies so that they can reap the benefits of automation. The SSI Group is full of application solution architects who can identify the failures that exist in your processes. After which appropriate advice is made available to you free of charge for successful automation.

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Connect your systems in an ecosystem of the same nature


Microsoft 365 is a complete ecosystem of solutions that you can customize for remarkable automation. It is a practical solution for small, medium and large companies that are looking for automation. With this team, you are sure to put under one system all your various work tools that limit you and make you waste resources.


Ultimately, contact the SSI Group, which is ready to offer you its expertise in application development for the performance of your organization. This means that by setting your choice on this company, you enjoy:


  • A quick and easy increase in your capabilities;
  • An improvement in your ability to adapt;
  • An improvement in the quality of work, without forgetting to reduce the risk of error as much as possible;
  • A transformation of your products by focusing on their simplicity and accessibility…

Learn to use Power Apps


In an effort to build custom apps that suit your business needs, Power Apps is a suite of apps and data platform that will provide you with a fast and efficient development environment.


With this app, you’ll be able to quickly create custom business apps that will connect to your business data.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

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