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in Montreal and on the North Shore

Make IT infrastructure your tool for simplicity

SSI Group provides effective solutions for the management of your company’s data and users

Centralize your data


The loss of computer files or documents can cause a lot of inconvenience. So it’s important to install effective data sharing and backup tools that allow you to maintain control over your company’s data management. We provide you with effective, simple and secure solutions to save time and money.

Access your data anywhere


Data and user management tools allow you to retrieve your data whether your employee is at their workstation or at home in a secure way. You can also restrict access to certain applications, files, or data on the operating system.

Recover your data quickly


We implement effective formulas that allow you to trace all the documents lost during an incident or disaster. Thanks to a detailed history, you can see all the actions performed by your employees in order to find the right version of the document.

Create custom user accounts


The data management tools we deploy allow you to create custom user accounts where you can allow or restrict access to certain areas of your operating system. You can also prioritize the management of your data and delegate certain responsibilities to certain users

Quality and compliant implementation


We always make sure that the implementation of your data management applications is done in the rules so that you can immediately start working with this beneficial tool.

Ongoing technical support

Having trouble with your data and user management tools? Don't worry, with Groupe SSI you always have access to one of our technicians by phone or remotely. We make sure that our specialists intervene quickly and punctually so that your computer network is always functional.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

Ranked among the best IT managers in Montreal SSI Group offers you a gram of complete services
and human support that allows you to achieve your goals without worrying about your IT infrastructure.