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Groupe SSI arms you with all the necessary tools in the fight against software piracy

Groupe SSI arms you with all the necessary tools in the fight against software piracy

Avoid the worst-case scenario!


Although working with internet interfaces brings lots of benefits, your business becomes at risk of falling prey to hackers. Therefore, it is essential to bring robust security software that enhance the protection of your network and computer peripherals. Groupe SSI fortifies you in the fight against cybercriminals by installing superior quality computer security software that counters phishing.

Fight computer viruses


Computer viruses can quickly assault your computer park and cause you significant losses of time and money. It is essential to install a powerful antivirus and to perform regular updates. A good antivirus watches over all your computer network’s data in real time and eradicates all malicious data that can lead to damage. Groupe SSI sets up the best antivirus on the market in order to offer optimal protection.

Education is crucial!


Although installing computer security software helps protect you, it is important to motivate your employees to participate actively in the protection of your IT infrastructure. By combining the training of your employees with powerful software, you can implement almost perfect protection for your computer network. Groupe SSI experts train your managers and your employees for problem-free supervision of your data safety.

Regular maintenance for effective security


Groupe SSI cares about the security of your business and deploys all the necessary resources to quickly address any incident related to attacks. We can set up your online security software so that it adapts to your reality and install effective firewalls and some antivirus suites that are close to perfection.
Contact us today so that we can discuss the protection of your data

Contact us today to discuss the protection of your data.