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Without a doubt, cloudcomputing is what you need to facilitate the rapid but economical development of your company’s IT systems. It allows you to focus on innovation and business development without managing your IT infrastructure. In this logic, the SSI Group company offers you a whole range of cloud solutions.


Located in Quebec, the company guarantees efficient and economical management of your company’s IT infrastructures remotely. Before any process of implementing a cloud solution in your company, a thorough analysis of your IT installations must be carried out. The various cloud solutions available that can be of great use to your company include:


Each cloud solution has its multiple advantages.

Microsoft Azure


When you opt to migrate to Microsoft Azure,you’re opting for security, economy, innovation, and performance in your business.

Economy, security and innovation


The transition to Microsoft Azure is first and foremost very economical. No need to pay a lot of physical workers for the management of your IT infrastructures. Everything can be managed remotely from the cloud.

The process is implemented under the supervision of cybersecurity experts to ensure the security of your data.

While Azure takes care of your company’s IT management, you have more time to think about the evolution of your companies. Indeed, who says evolution, says innovation. The latter becomes easier when you spend more time on it.



The productivity of your business is a crucial thing. The leaders of this company are often open to any idea, legal of course, that would allow them to be much more productive. With the Microsoft Azure option, Groupe SSI relieves you of the need to perform many daily tasks related to your IT systems.

The company organizes the move of all your IT infrastructures to Azure. The elements at the center of the transfer are:

  • Server:You can choose IaaS or VMware as the destination environment for your servers. Migration is always done from your on-premises servers.
  • Workspace: You can manage your desktops remotely on Windows 10 from the cloud.
  • Databases:All your databases are securely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution you have chosen.

In short, Microsoft Azure guarantees you a more secure, scalable and efficient management of your IT systems at a reasonable cost. Let yourself be assisted by the professionals of this firm for a simple and efficient migration to Azure

Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is the name that replaces Office 365. This cloud solution is very useful for better productivity within your organization or company. It reconciles security, economy, organization and evolution in the IT management of your company.

Modern work tools

Microsoft 365 provides reference Office apps:

  • Word;
  • Publisher;
  • Excel;
  • PowerPoint…

Regularly updated, they are available on all your devices (Android, Apple, PC).

In addition, you have, with Microsoft 365, modern email and calendar tools such as Outlook andExchange. Emails can be customized according to their destinations.

In addition, thanks to Microsoft Team,you can hold online meetings with your collaborators. These meetings can be in the form of a simple call or a video call. They allow you to ensure the work of your team even remotely. It is indeed, thanks to this messaging tool that you can organize and schedule your emails and other activities of your organization.

There are often repetitive tasks in your daily life that take too long. On Microsoft 365,you can automate these tasks with modern tools like:

  • SharePoint;
  • Power Apps;
  • Power Automate…

Finally, with the OneDrivetool, each member of your team has 1TB of storage space on the cloud.

These different modern tools allow you to work with your team anywhere and at any time. Everything you need for effective teleworking.

Reassuring security mechanisms


Through the Microsoft 365 cloud solution, a security system is implemented. The system guarantees the security of all your data. Security is effective on your computers as well as on your other portable devices or tablets.

In addition, access restrictions and visual marking can be put on your sensitive data. The latter can also be labelled to indicate their sensitivity.

The Microsoft 365 is a very ideal cloud solution for better productivity of your business even when working from home.

Backup for Microsoft 365


Despite its many benefits, the Microsoft 365 cloud solution is not without its weaknesses. This is because Microsoft 365 does not have a backup system. If you neglect this backup need, you may lose some of your important data. This is the whole point of backup for Microsoft 365. This solution has two major advantages. On the one hand, it saves you from the potential loss of some of your data. On the other hand, it makes it easy for you to restore your data after possible loss.

For the backup of your Microsoft 365 space, we offer the MS Cloud 3.0solution. This Cloud Solution, specific to Quebec, is very efficient and secure. With it, your Microsoft 365 data is stored securely.



The various Cloud solutions offered by Groupe SSI are both efficient and secure and economical. Each one is with these particularities, our cloud experts will direct you to the one that suits your business.

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