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Groupe SSI has comprehensive expertise in conceptualizing and virtualization.

Groupe SSI has comprehensive expertise in conceptualizing and virtualization.

Virtualization: An economical, effective, and flexible formula

Virtualization allows to implement one or more operating systems on multiple computers or servers simultaneously. Virtualization is necessary step before moving to a cloud computing environment, because it allows you to create a custom, virtual computer interface. We have the workforce required to professionally complete all your virtualization projects.

Conceptualization: A vital tool for the implementation of an IT infrastructure


Conceptualization is the creation of user interfaces customized and adapted to your business needs. With our expertise in conceptualization, we create effective computer programs to optimize your performance.

The benefits of virtualization and conceptualization


A virtualized and conceptualized environment gives you a flexible, controlled management to modify your interfaces as you desire.


When you choose a virtual world, you don’t have to pay for the resources according to their use, which lets you save substantially. In addition, you no longer need an operating system at your premises. This way, you can manage your finances better.


Virtualizing your servers allows you to use your network to its full capacity. Virtual servers let you to solve many operational and functional problems.

Personalized, adapted methods

Our programmers and analysts make every effort when virtualizing your servers, your computer, or your desktop network. It is important for us to deploy scalable resources that will evolve at the same pace as your business. Thanks to the deployment of our virtual solutions, your company can develop new work methods that can help you increase your performance.

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