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Nowadays, information technology (IT) occupies an important place in any business. In reality, it is a set of increasingly modern equipment that makes it possible to efficiently manage, store company data at scale and secure it. As such, it is necessary to have the material and human resources to ensure this. Otherwise, it is best to use the service of a third party company that has proven expertise in this field. In Quebec,the SSI Group is a reference in it outsourcing.


With several years of experience in the ITsector, we make customer satisfaction our priority by providing a high quality service. For all your work in cloud computing or conventional computing, we have a team of IT experts and IT consultants ready to carry out your projects.

Get a good IT balance sheet and master plan developed

We support you in making your decisions by designing a factual and structured balance sheet in which the evolution of your company is described. With the help of this report, you will have a more refined view of the current state of activities; this allows you to plan the further evolution of your business. An IT assessment provides a factual account of the state of an IT infrastructure. Clearly, this report gives you a fair view of IT services.

In this balance sheet, it is recorded the result of:

  • Inspection of the current state of IT services with equipment that ensures clear results;
  • Detection of flaws and strengths in your computer system;
  • The design of a detailed plan containing the backbone of your infrastructure;
  • Checking for desktop software updates;
  • Checking for server software updates;
  • Analysis of the IT services succession plan;
  • The evaluation of the functionality of your company’s work equipment.

We also carry out an audit of information systems. To do this, our team of CISA-certified professionals ensures the validity of the data from your accounting and financial flows.

Perform an audit of IT systems

We also carry out an audit of information systems for any company. To do this, our team of certified professionals ensures the validity of the data from your accounting and financial flows. Financial, accounting or extra-accounting activities must be accurately reproduced in your computer system. Generally, for this type of content, you need an ultra-powerful computer system.


Indeed, a good mastery and an excellent understanding of financial information will allow you to manage and control the financial communication of your company. In other words, we help you to:


  • Detect threats to your IT system by implementing computer threat auditing and scoring equipment;
  • Establish a computerized control plan for risk areas such as purchases, invoicing, immobilization in order to quickly detect suspicious and criminally sanctioned practices;
  • Perform an audit of the terms of the software license terms of use;
  • Control and improve the level of security of your computer system.


We also conduct a review of information systems by mapping accounting and financial applications. This mapping is carried out in order to understand the structure of your company’s COMPUTER system. It also allows you to understand the articulation of your company’s IT system with business processes.

Design an IT succession plan


For your projects, we design a succession plan for IT services. This plan allows you to benefit from an effective, well-detailed and easy-to-execute succession plan for your business. The IT succession plan allows us to ensure the recovery and/or maintenance of your company’s IT systems.


It is a plan that allows us to identify important computer systems to keep functional and determine the tolerance to data loss of each system. In this plan, we also propose the steps that will allow you to achieve your succession objectives. We also assist you in documenting the succession process of your computer system. If you wish to revise an IT succession plan partially or totally, we will bring you our expertise to enable you to achieve your objectives.


When your business experiences a cyberattack, for example, we can also help you get back on track. To do this, we will update a succession plan appropriate to your business. We will plan and establish an IT succession plan in a data center far away from your main database. Finally, we will regularly test your company’s succession processes.

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