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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

Cloudcomputing or cloud computing is the ideal solution in this world that evolves at the speed of reflections. It consists in adopting IT solutions and corresponds to access to IT services via the Internet through experienced suppliers such as SSI Group. Indeed, we are a company specializedin cloud computing and are located in Mascouche, Quebec. We operate in other cities such as Boisbriand. This is the place to discover our different services in this city.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Power Apps

Microsoft Azure

IT outsourcing services in Boisbriand


IT outsourcing is an approach that provides benefits to your business. Thus, it allows you to focus your energy on the strategic issues of your company. It also has the advantage of accelerating digital transformation, reducing the cost of management and optimizing the security of your data. It also increases the efficiency of technical support up to level three. That’s exactly what we offer you. So what are you waiting for to leverage our expertise for your digital transformation?


It is necessary to specify that these services are adapted to the business and technological challenges of each client. Also, we manage IT infrastructures, either in cloud or traditional mode.

The cybersecurity of your company located in Boisbriand

Needless to say, hacking and data theft are commonplace these days. Indeed, cybersecurity solutions offered by Groupe SSI make it possible to protect your corporate data. It also allows you to meet the highest standards when it comes to enterprise cybersecurity.

Simulating an attack against your IT services in an environment that you control with the help of a penetration test and identifying problems and then scheduling the repair of said problems are some of the actions carried out by our experts.

The cloud solution for your business: cloud 3.0


Our cloud solutions are tailor-made for your business. These measures allow you to forget about your servers and workstations while focusing your energy on change and development within your company. SSI Group solutions are a better option for your business in the city of Boisbriand.

The Microsoft 365 solution from Groupe SSI in Boisbriand


Our Microsoft 365 enterprise solution significantly advances the way you work. In reality, you have a cloud platform with applications such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Planner… These are Office software that increase productivity. You also benefit from modern email services with tools like Outlook and Exchange. Better yet, you benefit from an update of these instruments.


In addition, still with Microsoft 365, you have the possibility to benefit from a storage space of 1TB for each of your employees.

Microsoft 365 Application Development


Optimizing forces and tasks in the digital age is not a choice, but a necessity. That’s why choosing to automate your processes means increasing your operational efficiency. It’s a way of removing tasks from long, repetitive, worthless tasks that kept you busy. This solution offered by our experts allows you to focus your efforts exclusively on the main activities of your company.


For your business, Microsoft 365 application development is an investment, not an expense. This must be made clear. Integrating this service into your business allows you to focus now on the essential tasks that have value for your business. Now it’s time for you to take advantage of Microsoft 365 application development for multiple tasks by calling on our professionals.

IP telephony for business


IP telephony is a system integrated with Microsoft 365 that gives you the opportunity to hold virtual meetings with your employees, partners, workers in a single application. It is a service that offers enough benefits to your business.


Microsoft Team is a real breakthrough in communication within the company. This unified communication solution combines classic phone calls, chat and video meetings available on Mac, PC and mobile. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the IP telephony specialists.


We master this solution and are ready to share it with you.

Professional Services

The SSI Group offers professional services of superior quality. She is always available when you call on her. Whether for network management, cloud management, IT maintenance services,our team of it technician experts and IT consultants has the necessary resources to meet the requirements required for the success of your project.


Wifi in company located in Boisbriand


The Wi-Fi solutions for business made available by the SSI Group team are of a high level of security. They are exceptionally efficient and adaptive. This is a turnkey implementation service. It also offers management services that give you access to unlimited technical support at a stationary cost.


In conclusion, the company Groupe SSI is specialized in cloud computing. It has within it a team of experts to offer you superior quality services whether in COMPUTER management, computer maintenance,or network management. If you live in Boisbriand,for any cloudcomputing question, refer to our experts.

Need our expertise, contact one of our IT specialists without further delay!