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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

SSI Group is a company that offers its customers services in the IT field. She is mainly specialized in cloud computing. It is an ideal solution to optimize a company’s IT resources. Thus, whatever your needs in management, maintenance and computer repair, we will satisfy you in SAINT-JOSEP-DU-LAC.

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SSI Group offers IT outsourcing services in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC


One of SSI Group’s specialties is IToutsourcing. Still called IT outsourcing, it gives you the opportunity to entrust the management of the IT sector of your company, to another external company. This method allows you to better organize yourself and focus on other important elements.

In other words, you are rid of tasks concerning IToperations. In addition, with Groupe SSI located in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC,you benefit from the services of an expert, competent and qualified team, whose services will lead to a good result.

In short, this solution optimizes the IT security of your company. In addition, our experts will help you with cybersecurity and proactive monitoring. Get in touch with us to find out more.

SSI Group offers cybersecurity services for business


If you want to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity, we are the best providers you can count on. We offer you complete cybersecurity solutions. The main goal of this strategy is the optimal protection of your company’s data. By opting for this resolution, you benefit from a number of top-notch services.

First, the team in charge of this service will have to carry out a penetration test and identify the vulnerabilities of your ITdepartment. This will make it possible to identify the various flaws of the latter, and to propose possible solutions. Then you get dark web monitoring.

Thanks to this, you will be alerted to any attempt to sell emails or passwords of your employees on dubious sites. Finally, your employees will benefit from an awareness of the risks of cyberattack and phishing, which is constantly waiting for them. In addition, they will have cybersecurity training in order to be better prepared. Among the services enjoyed by companies in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC,there are:

  • Analysis of security systems;
  • Support in case of malicious attacks;
  • Infrastructure security;
  • Information Technology General Controls (ITGC).

SSI Group offers you its services in cloud 3.0 solution


Groupe SSI’s cloud 3.0 solution in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC is a variant of its cloud solutions. Indeed, by using cloud servers instead of physical servers, you optimize your storage and other means. In addition, this solution allows you to bring all your applications together in one place.

By doing so, you can access your data, no matter where you are and whenever you want. However, the most interesting thing about the cloud 3.0 solution is the triple replication and double backup that allows you to protect your data. In addition, you have access to a virtual desktop that gives you the ability to view your records from any device, no matter where you are.

SSI Group allows you to benefit from Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is also a solution that allows you to protect your data. In addition, it is the most suitable solution to help you improve your way of working. In fact, thanks to Microsoft 365, you have access to a cloud platform that concentrates the majority of Microsoft applications.


This way, you can connect your employees with the most relevant people, information, and content. This will boost your company’s productivity and improve collaborations. With Microsoft 365, you can now work with your employees remotely. This is precisely what the experts at Groupe SSI offer you.


In addition, each of your employees can benefit from a cloud storage space worth 1TB. To summarize, by opting for the Microsoft 365 solution from Groupe SSI in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC,you have access to powerful tools that will optimize your working method.

SSI Group and its Microsoft 365 application development services


Microsoft 365 Application Development allows you to automate your various tasks. That is, some of the long or repetitive work you usually do will be supported by the system. Thus, you save time and become much more productive.


One of the main advantages of this solution is, among other things, an improvement in your adaptability to change. In addition, you make your work more qualitative and you make fewer mistakes. However, the benefits don’t stop there. You have the opportunity to make your products simpler and more accessible.


Indeed, when you opt for Microsoft 365 application development, you connect all your systems together. By doing so, you make them much faster than when they were separated. In short, call on our professional team to enjoy such application development.


SSI Group and its IP telephony services for business

To ensure greater efficiency for your company located in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC,opt for SSI Group IP telephony. It is a solution that allows you to communicate more easily between you and your employees. Thanks to this, you will be able to organize your meetings and attend virtual conferences anywhere in the world. You also have the means to route your incoming calls to a cloud telephony system. In short, with the IP telephony offered by Groupe SSI, you optimize your company’s means of communication.

SSI Group and its professional services.

The company is committed to meeting all your needs. Whether it’s IT or cloud professional services. You have at your disposal qualified and gifted experts in their field. That being said, several professional services are offered. For example, you have the audit of information systems, IT balance sheets and master plan or cybersecurity services for companies. All this will be taken care of by fairly qualified staff.

SSI Group and its corporate Wi-Fi services


SSI Group in SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC is the best suitable company for any wifi solution for business. With us you can have a quality Wifi network, with good performance. In addition to installing the wifi network, we are committed to setting up the equipment related to it. You will be able to manage your system, safely. You also benefit from unlimited technical support with a very advantageous rate. In short, Groupe SSI’s corporate Wi-Fi services in the city of SAINT-JOSEPH-DU-LAC are secure and high-performance.

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