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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

Groupe SSI takes care of the integration of SharePoint within your company.

Reduction or elimination of paper

Simply put, sharepoint is a software system that allows you to manage your business information. It is involved in the storage and organization of all related documents. In other words, with sharepoint, you can manage all your information without resorting to paper. In addition to saving you enough space, it offers you many other advantages.


Thanks to sharepoint software, organizing important documents will no longer be a headache for your business. The latter can be classified and arranged according to simple criteria to define. This can be by name, size or date of creation.

In addition, you benefit from simplification information searches. Sharepoint has a powerful search system that allows you to access any information at any time. Your responsiveness is therefore increased.


Unlike paper documents, those created in sharepoint can accompany all your employees, everywhere. As a web system, sharepoint is accessible through various interfaces. So, whether it’s via a laptop, phone or tablet, you’ll be able to access all your data. You will only need to log in to make this possible.


In addition to a flawless organization, Sharepoint can ensure that your information is preserved. Indeed, the software system is also used to store and back up all your data. In fact, data loss is just a bad memory for your business.

Added to this is the fact that this storage can be optimized by using the professionals indicated forsharepoin integration.t. Indeed, by calling on experts such as the SSI Group,you will have cloud storage. This means that the latter will be based on external servers. This ensures the security of your data and avoids the worries of hacking.

Thanks to itsoutsourcingservices, the group ensures your IT management and that of your IT infrastructure. If your business is located in Montreal in the North Shore region, then you will make a wise choice by entrusting theintegrationof sharepoint to this specialist in the implementation of technological tools.

Save time and productivity

From every point of view, the sharepoint software system saves you a lot of time in your business. With its many applications and different features, it allows you to reduce a lot of processes. The search for information becomes a formality that does not slow you down in the accomplishment of your tasks.

In addition, the collaboration between the different members of your teams will be optimized to the maximum. They will no longer need incessant meetings or emails to stay informed and make rapid progress on joint projects. By saving you up to 50% of time for all your processes, sharepoint allows you to use the time saved for other tasks. The result is a significant increase in productivity.

Improved collaboration with Share Point

Integrating sharepoint into your IT system will not only allow you to improve your information management. The software system also happens to be a powerful collaborative tool.

Information Sharing

With sharepoint, everyone in your company will be able to exchange information in just a few clicks. This is possible thanks to the different applications included in the system. In addition, this sharing can be compartmentalized by department, by department or even by project. It is therefore possible for a person to make information available only to colleagues involved in the same project. This improves communication and above all simplifies the transfer of tasks. Set up a Efficient collaborative space therefore becomes easier.

In addition, you can share documents that multiple people can access at the same time. This allows each of the actors to make their changes to the documents for instant updating. For good measure, it is possible to receive a notification for each change made by a member of thecollaborative workspace.


Limiting the number of emails needed

It is more than likely that to send documents between collaborators, you use emails. Even though this method is effective, it has many shortcomings. The first is the large number of emails that can be received for large-scale projects. This can sometimes make you miss crucial information.

With sharepoint, this concern will no longer exist. Rather than emailing the documents, you can just share them with the law. The main advantage is that these can be notified instantly. In this way, you limit the sending of emails while maintaining a constant flow of information.

Who can implement SharePoint in your company?


For the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint,the experts of the SSI Group are at your disposal. Indeed, security measures are always taken by IT managers. The implementation is always carried out according to the needs of each company. Thus, whatever the field of activity of your company, you will be able to implement and use it in all its dimensions. Similarly, the size of your business won’t be a barrier to enjoying SharePoint.


The cloud computing specialist Groupe SSI will ensure you an irreproachable implementation. With this team, you even have the option to sign up for a SharePoint subscription.

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