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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

In the city ofOka,you have a company specializing in the field ofcloud computing and computing that provides unwavering support to any organization wishing to modernize its services. This is SSI Group with many years of experience. Discover in detail its services.

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IT Outsourcing Services in Oka


IT outsourcing or IT outsourcing is the process of entrusting the management of the IT sector of your company to an external partner who has the appropriate skills and resources. Thus, OKA-based SSI Group is a better competent partner to whom you can entrust this task.


In fact, we take into account your business and technology needs to offer you our services. We have the experience and expertise to take charge of the management of your IT infrastructures in this municipality. This management is done in two ways: on-site and remotely. The rates to benefit from this service are fixed with a very simple billing.

Oka’s Cybersecurity Service for Businesses

We don’t stop at OUTSOURCING IT. In fact, we offer all organizations top-notch cybersecurity solutions. This is about protecting all of your company’s digital data. In our approach to ensure the cybersecurity of your company, we proceed to several methods.

First, we do a penetration test and vulnerability identification of your IT installations and systems. In this case, we simulate an attack against your ITinfrastructures. This reveals the various flaws of the latter and makes it possible to propose tailor-made solutions to remedy them. Then, we proactively monitor the Dark Web with specific software.

This allows us to learn about attempts at your information on darknet sites. Always in our cybersecurity approach, we are committed to educating your staff about the risks of cyberattack and phishing to which they are constantly exposed. Finally,OKA’s SSI Group offers its Oka customers cybersecurity training for users of ITservices.

Cloud 3.0 solutions for businesses from Oka


In order to optimize the security of your data, we offer you cloud solutions of the latest generations. Thanks to this service, you will now be able to abandon physical servers in favor of the cloud 3. 0. This one will be quite adapted to the needs of your business.


Plus, it allows you to group all your apps in one place. Thus, you can access it at any time. In addition, you benefit from optimal security of your data and a virtual office that allows you to access your data remotely. To sum up, Oka’s SSI Group cloud solutions make it easy for you on several levels.

SSI Group specializes in Microsoft 365

In reality, thanks to Microsoft 365, you have a cloud platform that has the entire range of Microsoft applications. It should be noted that these tools are accessible at any time, and this, through any type of devices you have. So you can collaborate with your team at any time. This makes you more productive. Thanks to completely modern tools adapted to digital innovations, you are sure to simplify your work process. In Microsoft 365, you have the following software:

  • Outlook;
  • Word;
  • PowerPoint…

SSI Group, expert in Microsoft 365 application development in Oka


To best manage your company’s priorities, we invite you to opt for Microsoft 365 application development. It allows you to put the main activities of your company at the forefront with modern work tools. Thus, you will be rid of activities that take up your time unnecessarily.


With 365 application development, your usual tasks are taken care of and you can now work more efficiently. In addition, thanks to this solution, your systems are connected to each other. In other words, tasks are now concentrated in a single ecosystem.


The direct advantage of this approach is the speed of interaction between your systems. In addition, you save more time in each of your activities. By opting for Microsoft 365 application development, you improve the quality of your team’s work and reduce your margin of error as much as possible.

IP telephony services with SSI Group in Oka

The IP telephony system allows you to collaborate with your partners via an app. You can therefore conduct your negotiations and meetings thanks to IP telephony. In addition, you benefit from certain functions, very advantageous.

For example, you have audio conferencing. Thanks to a call number, you will be able to make meetings online. In addition, the IP telephony service is accessible by any type of device. Whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, cell phone, you’ll be able to make your calls with several of your colleagues at once.

You also have an interactive response service. This allows you to direct your incoming calls to a queue. You will be able to route your calls, depending on your availability, time zone and language. You benefit from many other advantages with this system:

  • Number portability;
  • Cloud voicemail;
  • Microsoft Teams conference rooms, etc.

SSI Group’s professional and WIFI solutions


In addition to the professional services offered by Groupe SSI, you have WIFI in business. With the company, you have all the WiFi solutions adapted to your business. Thus, the Wifi network allows you to benefit from a turnkey implementation system to enjoy the internet connection at any time, without interruption. In addition, you are entitled to all services related to the installation of a wifi network. For example, you have the possibility to benefit from managed services whose purpose is to obtain an unlimited technical service at a fixed rate.

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