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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

Are you in need of a professional cloud company for your Lorraine business? Located in Quebec City, in the Mascouche region, Groupe SSI is precisely a structure that offers services in the installation of modern computer tools. We intervene in almost all areas of IT management. Exceptionally, we take care of the management of companies’ computer networks from the stage of their installation to that of their management. With us, you have IT professionals who are not only really seasoned, but who are also able to satisfy you 24/7. Here, you will learn in detail about all the services that Groupe SSI offers to companies in Lorraine.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Power Apps

Microsoft Azure

Cybersecurity for companies based in Lorraine


The solutions proposed by the SSI Group in terms of cybersecurity are just one of the elements that have made it possible to build its reputation in the city of Lorraine. Indeed, through penetration tests and IT infrastructure security audits,security system diagnostics and others, we support small, medium and large companies in the protection of their data. Likewise, we help them through regular information technology checks to comply with current requirements in terms of cybersecurity for companies. Finally, Groupe SSI promotes the dynamism of corporate users by offering them special training in cybersecurity.

Cloud or cloud solutions within the reach of all companies


For all your worries in the field ofcloud computing in Lorraine,you can also confide in Groupe SSI. Our company offers its peers the most suitable cloud solutions, and that it manages thanks to the cloud 3.0generation. In reality, the objective of these solutions is to support all companies in the management of their work servers so that they better focus on their main activities. And if you don’t know, SSI Group’s types of cloud services directly open the way to this type of cloud. In a nutshell, they are the best alternative when it comes to the cloud.

Microsoft 365


Currently modernized and renamed Microsoft 365,the Office 365 software is also part of the valuable services we offer to companies in Lorraine. In fact, this cloud-derived platform has become one of the most indispensable for businesses today. It contains itself, intelligent cloud services,hyper-intelligent Office applications such as Microsoft Teams,Word, Excel, Planner, PowerPoint and security services. Microsoft 365 has three fundamental advantages. First, it helps businesses increase productivity. In addition, it makes it easy to connect and collaborate between employees and staff of companies. Third, it provides a barrier to misunderstood leaks of sensitive company data. We share these benefits with you.

Microsoft 365 Application Development


It is also one of the interesting IT services that you can benefit from with us. With this service, you will improve the operational performance of your business. In concrete terms, Microsoft 365 application development helps you turn your back on certain long-term jobs and thus save time and profit. Do not hesitate to contact groupe SSI’s IT specialists to accelerate the economic growth of your company.

IP Phone for Business


The IP phone system is the ideal modern communication solution for businesses nowadays. This is exactly the kind of service we reserve for your company located in the city of Lorraine. When you choose it, you end up with all your communicationdifficulties, whether between the agents of your company or with your customers. At the same time, it facilitates and secures online meetings, phone calls on pc, as on mobile devices.

Professional services


We have a multitude of professional services that we will share with you. Indeed, we have decades of experience in IT professional services. This means that we ensure your needs in information systems audit, IT balance sheet, IT services succession plan, etc. Our technicians have a flawless competence to serve you. You can fully trust them, no matter what IT department you need.


In summary, in terms of IT management in Lorraine,SSI Group is one of the references. Not only does it intervene in several fields, but also, it applies the best modern solutions in IT. Their IT services are always efficient, sustainable and growth-stimulating.

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