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Votre outil numérique personnalisé à Laval

Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

You are in the city of Laval and are looking for a team of cloud experts to modernize your company’s services. So, choose SSI Group, which is based in Mascouche, Quebec and has many years of experience in the field of cloud computing. Therefore, here are the different services of our company in this municipality.

IT Outsourcing in Laval

Nowadays, companies need IT resources more than ever to achieve their digitalization and to achieve their goals. To do this, it is not easy to find the qualified workforce. That’s why we need to use IT outsourcing using our expertise.

Indeed, we put at your disposal IT professionals who are able to adapt to the business and technological challenges of your company. Our know-how consists, among other things, in the management of any IT infrastructure in cloud mode and in traditional mode.

In short, thanks to the professionalism of Groupe SSI, you have the opportunity to put aside the IT operations of your tasks for a rapid and radical acceleration of the digital transformation of your company. It’s also a place to focus on what’s really essential to generating growth.

Cybersecurity for business in Laval


In addition, SSI Group is a cybersecurity company. In other words, it specializes in the implementation of technological tools by setting the truly high bar for your company with the best technology for the protection of your corporate data. At the same time, we meet the highest standards when it comes to cybersecurity for Laval businesses.


  • Among the services provided by our team of experts, you have:
  • IT infrastructure security audit;
  • Penetration testing to simulate an attack against your IT services;
  • Analysis of all your security systems;
  • The training of your employees in cybersecurity…

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Power Apps

Microsoft Azure

Cloud solution for business in Laval


SSI Group’s cloud solutions are customized measures that allow you to focus on innovation by abandoning servers and workstations. In fact, you are entitled to a cloud 3.0 service that is managed exclusively by our experts. Thanks to this cloud service made in Quebec, you have the opportunity to group your applications and work software in one place. You have access to these resources whenever you want. What’s interesting about Groupe SSI’s Cloud 3.0 in Laval is that your data in the cloud is replicated and backed up twice across multiple sites. This means that the information is highly secure. So you have nothing to worry about by opting for the cloud solution we offer.


Best of all, we offer you a virtual desktop for connection to all your devices remotely. Access to your files regardless of where you live is easy. In other words, you enjoy more mobility.

Microsoft 365 for business in Laval


It’s an opportunity to change the way your team works in your team. Here, we take advantage of the cloud platform that is integrated with Microsoft 365 to have access to the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Team and Panner. With this service, we help you to more innovation, productivity and above all safety.

Microsoft 365 Application Development


This is an investment that will pay off a lot for your business. With this service, focus on the real tasks by letting Microsoft 365 handle the leftovers. In fact, this system deals with the many repetitive, long and worthless occupations. Your employees are thus equipped with modern tools for a clear optimization of everyday tasks. This allows you to work in efficiency and simplicity by increasing your capabilities. Better yet, you can track the activities of your business.


Laval Business IP Telephony


Collaborating, calling and participating in virtual meetings are the best assets of this system: Microsoft Teams IP telephony. Thanks to this application, you can collaborate easily and hold regular meetings with all your partners and collaborators without difficulty. Simply subscribe to this system and we will implement Microsoft IP telephony. You then enjoy the services and features without forgetting the appropriate tutorial.

IT Professional Services in Laval


Groupe SSI is ready to meet your expectations for professional IT services in the city of Laval. By the way, these benefits consist of:


  • Audit of IT systems;
  • IT assessment and master plan to better manage IT in your company;
  • Easily executable IT services rotation sheet;
  • Cybersecurity.

Quality wifi for Laval business


In Laval, get from Groupe SSI the best and tailor-made Wi-Fi solutions for your business. They are safe solutions with unwavering adaptation and performance. With a fixed and very advantageous rate, you benefit from unlimited technical assistance for the implementation of the best quality of wifi with our professionals.


In short, come and take advantage of groupe SSI’s best cloud computing services in Laval for better management of your business.

Need our expertise, contact one of our IT specialists without further delay!