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SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

Today, digital technology is evolving rapidly and is imposed on all companies. Thus, it is beneficial for them to adapt their IT tools to this evolution, for example by opting for cloud computing. To do this, choose Groupe SSI, which is a reference company in this field; it offers quality expertise at a reasonable cost. The company is based in Mascouche, Quebec, but is expanding into other cities such as Deux-Montagnes.

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Computer outsourcing in Deux-Montagnes


Information technology outsourcing is a strategy that allows the company that implements it to gain organizational agility. It is a solution that allows him to focus more on his core business. Indeed, the strategy consists in delegating the management of all or part of a company’s IT services to an external service provider. The latter, an expert in cloud computing, deploys its staff for the on-site or remote management of the customer’s computer data.

In the city of Deux-Montagnes,SSI Group provides its customers with qualified professionals in the digital transformation of companies. With specific tools, they perform the transfer and management of all data and IT systems in cloud or traditional mode. This allows company leaders to be able to eliminate certain operations from their daily tasks and promote staff productivity. In addition, companies will be able to focus more on innovation and make more profitable. Even better, no downtime is observed during the transition to IT outsourcing.

With the IT outsourcing service we offer, you save time and resources. Outsourcing IT management reduces a company’s expenses in terms of taking care of both human and material resources. In addition, we provide unlimited Level 1, 2 and 3 technical support to all our customers.

Corporate Cybersecurity


Data privacy and security is very imperative for any business that is in a digital transformationprocess. Aware of this fact, we ensure the security of our customers’ data as a priority.

Our cybersecurity experts implement adequate techniques to protect all of each customer’s IT systems from hacking and computer fraud. In addition, they help companies stay compliant with the highest standards of corporate cybersecurity. These are the standards:


  • PCI DSS;
  • ISO 27001;
  • SOC 1/SOC 2;
  • ISO 37001;


The cybersecurity services offered by Groupe SSI in Deux-Montagnes mainly include:


  • The complete audit of the computer system;
  • Analysis of security systems;
  • Proactive monitoring on the Dark Web;
  • Training of users in cybersecurity;
  • Assistance in case of malicious attacks;
  • Training of staff in corporate phishing;
  • The implementation of adapted and updated security systems.


Our cybersecurity professionals have the expertise to help you protect your business, no matter how complex your IT infrastructure is.

Cloud 3.0 solution for businesses in Deux-Montagnes


A company’s digital transformation essentially starts with moving its data to a cloud. SSI Group’s Cloud 3.0 solutions are cost-effective and highly beneficial. They allow you to focus on growing your business and contribute to productivity within your organization.

Microsoft 365


The Microsoft 365 cloud solution makes it easy to work as a team and remotely across your organization. It offers very practical Office applications such as: Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint… This software is available and accessible on all devices (Android, Mac, PC, tablet). In addition, you benefit from regularly updated email and calendar tools. These includeOutlook and Exchange.


Telecommuting is very convenient with this service. With Microsoft Teams software integrated in the cloud, you can hold meetings and conferences remotely. You can also make regular calls, chat, and video conferences. Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that also allows you to plan and organize your activities.


Tools like SharePoint, Power Apps or Power Automate,allow you to automate the repetitive activities of your daily life. In addition, each staff member in your company benefits from a storage space worth 1TB on the cloud.

Backup for Microsoft 365

Groupe SSI offers its customers in Deux-Montagnes, the best backup solution for Microsoft. This is the cloud service 3.0. Developed in Quebec, this solution is very powerful and allows you to store your data on the cloud securely.

Microsoft 365 Application Development

Microsoft 365 application development is a service that allows you to focus on the real-value tasks of your business. This service offers you the opportunity to put a stop to daily and repetitive tasks that do not fall directly within your skills and that limit you.

The implementation of this service by Groupe SSI for your company allows you to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy accessibility of your products;
  • Increase your production capacity;
  • Traceability of all your company’s activities;
  • Automation of repetitive tasks with modern tools;
  • Improving the quality of work of employees and their efficiency…

Use our know-how to make your work simple, fast and efficient.

IP Telephony for Business

In order to facilitate teamwork and the accessibility of your services, the company offers its customers a tailor-made IP telephony system. This service is integrated with the Microsoft 365 cloud solution.

In a single app, Microsoft Teams, you can make calls, collaborate, and participate in video conferences.

In general, with the IP phone, you get the following features:

  • Call queues;
  • Number portability;
  • Cloud voicemail;
  • Interactive voice response…

All of these features are available on all of your company’s devices.

Corporate WiFi Services in Deux-Montagnes


Finally, you can enjoy WiFi services in business. Moreover, we are known in Deux-Montagnes for our professionalism in the implementation of wireless internet connection. Whatever the desired WiFi network, you are sure to find the solution here.

Need our expertise, contact one of our IT specialists without further delay!