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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

SSI Group offers companies located in Mirabel a wide range of personalized services. Indeed, Groupe SSI is a company that intervenes in the field of cloud computing. As a reference company in Quebec, it is your best alternative to access a higher stage in the digital field.


It puts at your disposal a team of certified experts to accompany you in all your cloud processes. Also called Cloud Computing, cloud computing is a safe and economical approach for a company. Here are in large format the services that Groupe SSI offers to the various companies of the city of Mirabel.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Power Apps

Microsoft Azure

IT Outsourcing in Mirabel


This service allows you to focus on the strategic challenges of your company and boost your digital transformation. To offer this service to a company, Groupe SSI adapts these IT outsourcing services to the technological needs of the company in question. In addition, IT outsourcing allows you to satisfy the needs of the users of your company and manager. All this while keeping an eye on current IT operations.

By way of illustration, Groupe SSI manages complex IT infrastructures in cloud and traditional mode thanks to efficient processes and quality management tools. To put it simply, this service allows you to:

  • Accelerate your company’s digital transformation by removing repetitive operations from your tasks;
  • Improve the experience of your company’s users through unique and personalized technical support;
  • Free up your company’s internal resources to grow your business.

Cybersecurity for business in the city of Mirabel


Cybersecurity is a service that offers you an effective alternative to proceed with the protection of corporate data. It also makes it possible to respect the high standards in the field of cybersecurity. To provide your company with effective cybersecurity solutions, Groupe SSI performs several operations on your COMPUTER system. It is carried out among others:

  • A security audit of your company’s IT infrastructure;
  • A penetration test of your company’s IT infrastructure;
  • A security system check.


Penetration testing, for example, is a simulation of an attack against your company in order to detect the weak points of your computer system. This makes it possible to provide effective solutions to each vulnerability thanks to the expertise of the cybersecurity team. Also, in Mirabel, SSI Group monitors your data on the dark web. This allows them to notify you as soon as one of your sensitive data ends up for sale on the dark web so you can make the right arrangements in time.

As a solution, Groupe SSI’s leading cybersecurity professionals can educate your employees about corporate phishing. This awareness aims to educate and optimize the vigilance of your company’s staff in order to limit the risk of cyberattack and urge them to proactively protect sensitive data.

Cloud solutions for your business


The company offers among others several types of solutions to allow your company to improve on all levels and obviously in terms of IT. You can take advantage of enterprise cloud solution, Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 application development, and enterprise IP telephony.


These cloud solutions from Groupe SSI give you the opportunity to make your operational efficiency optimal. With these measures, you will be able to increase your productivity effectively. All this is only made possible thanks to the expertise of the company’s technicians.

Professional Services


With several years of experience in the world of corporate IT, Groupe SSI has the expertise required to offer a quality service. It remains available for this purpose to satisfy the needs of your company in Mirabel. Whether you need their service in the field of cloud computing or conventional computing, it puts at your service its team of computer technicians and ITS IT advisors to accompany you in your various projects.

Groupe SSI will be able to realize you in fact:

  • An audit of information systems: this allows you to ensure the validity of the data from the accounting and financial flows of your company;
  • An IT assessment and a master plan: here, you will have a summary of the current state of affairs in order to plan the future based on it management practices in business;
  • An IT succession plan: you will be entitled to a well-documented guideline that is easy for your company to implement;
  • Cybersecurity for your business.


Wifi in business


Beyond the many services offered by Groupe SSI, he is also competent to implement a Wi-Fi network for your company. If you are looking for the best WiFi specialists, Groupe SSI remains your best choice. This company is recognized for the impeccable quality of the service it offers on this field. In terms of wi-Fi network implementation, the services offered to you are secure, permanent and adaptive. You benefit from a turnkey implementation service. On top of that, you’ll enjoy managed services that offer unlimited fixed-rate support.


In conclusion, trust this structure with several years of experience in the field of cloud computing or computing, and benefit from a unique know-how and a quality service in Mirabel.

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