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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

For the prosperity of your business today, it is essential to use IT tools in general and in this case cloud computing. Indeed, it is a remarkable technological advance that secures and makes the work process in any company more fluid. To benefit from it, it is enough to find a service provider who has a perfect mastery of the IT management of a company. This is the case of SSI Group, which operates throughout Quebec and especially in Blainville. Indeed, we are a company at the forefront of computer science and offer you complete solutions in IT and others. Here is an overview of our services.

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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing: SSI Group’s preferred area of expertise


As a set of solutions designed to move away from traditional IT management of computers and physical servers to the cloud,cloudcomputing is an economical and reliable approach. It allows you to both operate and provision the IT resources and applications of your structure.

We stand out in this field and through our services, we allow client companies to focus on innovation and growth issues within their structure. Practical to reduce operating costs related to server maintenance or superfluous software, payments for cloud computing remain proportional to needs, both punctually and in the long term.

We analyze and identify the new technological needs to be satisfied by your already functional IT systems, to generate an organizational and productive gain. We can thus ensure their safe, fast and easy migration to cloud computing thanks to our strong skills in the field.

With our cloud solutions, you’ll be able to access all your apps and a virtual desktop from any device remotely, from anywhere.

Efficient IT outsourcing services in Blainville


Based in the Mascouche region of Quebec, we are involved in the outsourcing operations of Microsoft 365services, in adaptation with the technological and business challenges of our customers.

Taking into account these issues and the desired impacts, we eliminate IT operations from your tasks through virtual or conventional solutions. Thenetwork infrastructure of an IT outsourcing relieves the company’s IT department of IT operations and allows it to focus on strategic IT functions.


With reduced IT cost and an assured return on investment through state-of-the-art network management practices, this IT support limits operational risks without compromising the delivery of quality services to users.


This delivery is therefore an approach focused on a long-term quality partnership that ensures complete coverage of IT services, efficiency and meeting commitments. We guarantee the transfer and rigorous management of knowledge and information for an increased level of productivity.


Located in the Lower Laurentians on the North Shore of Montreal, Blainville companies can easily benefit from our quality services in network management, computer maintenance and other management ITservices.

Classic quality services with Groupe SSI

Aware of the challenges related to the mastery of digital technologies in terms of competitiveness and competition, your SSI Group partner provides a leading professional service. She keeps her team always available to meet your expectations in cloud computing and conventional computing.

For your otherbusiness needs of qualifiedcybersecurity, IT management,IT troubleshooting,SSI Group has a team of specialists, IT advisors and experts able to carry out a complete assessment of your infrastructure.

Cybersecurity for businesses in Blainville


IT system protection solutions must protect corporate data from the most virulent attacks. SSI Group’s protection suites and antivirus software completely reduce potential computer intrusions and prepare all your computer workstations for various contingencies.

Installing Enterprise WI-FI with SSI Group


The WI-FI for professionals offered by the group’s teams combines quality and safety. For your network installations in Blainville, whatever your location, they are adaptively designed for turnkey layouts. Unlimited technical support ensures your investment for optimal connectivity.


Wi-FI with Groupe SSI entails several guarantees:


  • A WI-FI network designed for business operation;
  • A tailor-made approach for all sizes of structures;
  • An installation of equipment all provided by specialists;
  • Network management for employee WI-FI connectivity separate from authorized visitors;
  • High-performance speeds in line with state-of-the-art WI-FI technologies…

Microsoft 365: more performance


New designation that replaces the Name Office 365, this enterprise solution improves the working methods of professionals benefiting fromoutsourcing. Its installation makes it possible to make the most of an integrated cloud platform, with Microsoft teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Planner applications…


Collaborative tools for exchange and sharing make teamwork easy, with a gain in efficiency and productivity. For example, the enterprise IP telephony system included in Microsoft Teams allows calls, co-assistance, and virtualized meetings through a single application interface.


It also opens up the possibility of Microsoft 365 application developments. These possibilities of automating your repetitive processes with little value and long tasks bring more operationality.

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