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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

In order to satisfy its customers as well as possible, Groupe SSI is closer to you. It provides its customers in Saint-Eustache with a solution that put an end to the exorbitant expenses related to databases, software and equipment purchases in the IT field. With the concept of cloud computing that allows companies to rent IT instead of investing heavily, it alleviates their pain. Present for years in Mascouche, Quebec, the company now operates in Saint-Eustache to meet the demand of customers in this city. To discover this company in the field ofcloud computing,follow the services it offers to companies in this municipality.

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SSI Group, your IT ally for the development of your business in Saint-Eustache


Distinguishing itself thanks to its solid skills in the field of cloud computing,Groupe SSI is proving itself in the city of Saint-Eustache. It offers IT services with comprehensive expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure solutions. Also called cloud computing, cloud computing is a very secure and cost-effective approach that must be adopted.

The consumption and provisioning of enterprise IT resources and applications makes strict use of this approach. Because the cloud can reduce operating costs by helping you optimize one-time or long-term expenses related to needs.

We propose to manage for you the easy, fast and secure transition of your computer systems to cloud computing. Thus, you will see your productivity and work organization improved at a reduced cost.

We have the experts who have an ease to install for you the Microsoft Office 365 suite. They are also the best for troubleshooting and computer maintenance of your existing systems. We also have the material and human resources to analyze your system and perform your migration seamlessly. In addition, our services are multiple and are advantageous for saint-Eustache businesses.

IT Outsourcing


With IT outsourcing, strategic issues are given more attention. It accelerates the digital transformation of your business while reducing management costs by optimizing data security and increasing the efficiency of technical support at all levels.


The IT outsourcing service that we are able to offer you allows you to manage IT infrastructures in cloud mode and in traditional mode using highly efficient management processes and tools.

Cloud computing: a cloud solution tailored to your business


Being a reference in the field ofcloud computing in Quebec, SSI Group provides services of several kinds.


Software development


First, this service is usually focused on Microsoft Office 365 integration. That is, your work software benefits from an IT service to be optimized towards the latest digital technologies of Microsoft Office 365.


Then, we offer new software that aligns with the current reality of your business. For example, we offer the latest versions of Microsoft 365 suites: Word, Excel, PowerPoint…

Microsoft 365: your ally that boosts your productivity


Our ENB maintenance technicians will help you go virtual by opting for secure cloud solutions that meet the new needs of your business. Thus you will have a success, because the working time is generally reduced with the virtual switch of your system.

Protecting your data from loss


With outstanding expertise in cybersecurity, we allow you to back up all your company’s data to virtual servers periodically or even in real time.

Similarly, it is possible to recover your data in case of theft, fire or hardware incident of the physical servers.

Sale of security software


With us, your company will have security software that not only protects your system, but is also designed to fight viruses circulating on the internet. Better yet, you have an IT support service on a permanent basis.


Microsoft 365 Training Service


Since the implementation or migration to cloud solutions leads to changes in the company, we have the specialists who are available to answer all the questions of your employees.

Training is planned for this purpose to allow users to familiarize themselves with this new solution. We then offer IT support until we master all the components of the Microsoft 365.

IT infrastructure solution for your business productivity


Groupe SSI offers here for SMEs in Saint-Eustache a professional service as a company specialized in IT. This means that we provide you with state-of-the-art network infrastructures that reconcile a strong compatibility with your productivity objectives.

Automate your business across sophisticated servers


We install computer servers that will help you eliminate long, repetitive and worthless tasks. This allows you to focus exclusively on the key activities of your company to achieve your objectives. We are the best you need to make your computer network more efficient and secure.



Security of your local and wireless wifi network


With our team of experts and advisors with IT expertise, we provide you with professional security services for your IT infrastructures. With the installation of a high-performance wifi network, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the broadband connection at any time.

Ultimately, we have the best technicians and experts who only want to satisfy your IT needs, and this, in a context of optimization of your activities.

Need our expertise, contact one of our IT specialists without further delay!