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Groupe SSI prend en charge le déploiement de Microsoft Office 365 dans votre entreprise.

SSI Group is the reference for the security of your IT systems

Canadian SMEs must keep up with the ever-changing evolution of IT to remain competitive with the competition. Without a team on the lookout for technological news, this goal is not very accessible. Adopting cloud and IT implementation approaches is a practical solution, thanks to IT specialists such as SSI Group. In Rosemère and Greater Montréal, quality and controlled services in this area are major economic issues for the growth of a company.

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Cloud computing: a specialty of Groupe SSI


IT solutions generate big differences in the way a business operates in general. They determine the performance of its it system, and therefore the quality of the working environment of its staff and the services offered to users. The more this environment is at the forefront of technology, the more the company will be able to focus on the productivity and organization of its work team.

A safe and convenient operation with SSI Group in Rosemère

We establish ourselves in this field as cloud expertsthanks to our specialists and their strong skills. Also known as cloud computing, this reliable and cost-effective approach moves your company’s IT systems to cloud computing safely, quickly and easily.

Your team benefits from the seamless and secure environment of cloud servers, and can access a centralized virtual desktop with all applications, software, and business records from a remote device instantly from their geographic location.

It does not require the disbursement of expensive sums, but facilitates the rapid development of companies’ IT management systems.

We therefore take, and guarantee the efficient and economical management of thenetwork and IT infrastructure of your remote structure, thanks to our many years of expertise in the sector. Online multiple backup and enhanced security on cloud technology protect you from the risk of data loss in the event of disasters for the sustainability of your business.

A personalized and cost-effective approach


By carrying out an in-depth analysis of your IT installations in their current state, we determine among our many cloud solutions the specific needs of your IT department. We then develop a customized approach to reduce your operating costs.


Your investment of resources in personnel, time and money for the acquisition and proper management of large servers and computers in your computer park will now be proportional to your particular need, in a way adaptable to your growth. You will dedicate yourself to innovation and growth by letting SSI Group experts deploy reliable, flexible and sustainable solutions to support you.

Mastered shift to digital with SSI Group and Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 solutions we offer are designed to meet IT and managementrequirements, thanks to the implementation of IT tools to the most current standards imposed by professional orders in the digital world.

In addition to relieving your business in computer maintenance,IT support and computer troubleshooting of your devices and networks, we offer powerful software solutions with its Microsoft 365 suites.

Improved fluidity and productivity


With Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Planner, Microsfoft Teams, SharePoint applications… Made functional on workstations, mobile Mac, Android or IOS systems, the collaboration of your team in the city of Rosemère and everywhere else will see a clear improvement.


Easy audio, text, or video conversations with IP telephony for business, the rapid flow of urgent internal information, comprehensive and convenient interfaces will make communication more efficient for productive teamwork. This software allows greater freedom of movement and retains access to face-to-face and deferred meetings. They allow access to messaging, calendars, contacts and tasks to modulate work to constraints and facilitate the achievement of objectives through a synergy of actions.

Remediation and optimization of IT practices

The application development capabilities of Microsoft 365 will enable the SSI Group to create applications specific to the needs of your employees to eliminate repetitive, time-consuming and time-consuming tasks and focus on the most profitable ones. The conceptualization and automation of the system limits the risk of oversights and errors, and the efficiency of the professional is increased by greater productivity for the same schedules.

With seamless and traceable operations, Microsoft 365 and its suites enable access to areas of the operating system to be restricted by department, responsibility, hierarchical level, and data sensitivity in an elaborate and efficient manner.

Cybersecurity and performance with SSI Group

IToutsourcing will make optimal the integration of technological developments into your business and organizational challenges for the best network management,both internally and for service users. Groupe SSI also positions itself as a cybersecurity company,an essential factor in the sustainable growth of your company.

Corporate data protection: top priority


Whether in traditional or cloud computing mode, the highest cybersecurity standards are closely incorporated into our services. The protection of corporate data is influencing growth in an era where information is a key driver of economic development.


Through advanced penetration testing, your partner, Groupe SSI, identifies the points of vulnerability in your IT environment by simulting attacks against your IT services. This controlled operation exposes the flaws in your security and authorizes the development and execution of an action plan by cyber protection experts, for the resolution of the problems and vulnerabilities listed.

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