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Contact your employees, customers and / or suppliers more easily thanks to IP telephony

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When you opt for SSI Group’s Microsoft 365 cloud solution, you benefit from several very successful options. One of them is the IP telephonysystem. IP telephony is simply a telephone communication system connected to your internet network.

In Microsoft 365, the IP telephony system is integrated with the Microsoft Teams app. So, with a single app, you can manage all of your company’s communications.

This modern communication tool hosted in the Cloud of Microsoft Office 365 is very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Here is some information about the IP telephony system ready to be implemented for your company by our experts.

The uses of Microsoft Teams IP telephony

The functions of the IP telephony system are multiple and very beneficial for your business.

IP Phone Accessibility


With the Microsoft 365 Cloud, you can access your IP phone anywhere and anytime. Its exploitation is possible on different devices, including:

  • Mac;
  • Smartphones;
  • Tablets;
  • Desktops…

All you have to do is access your dashboard on Microsoft Teams from one of these devices.

Varieties of communication options


With Microsoft Teams, you get different telephony options. They all allow you to have quality communication with your employees and customers anywhere in Quebec and around the world. It’s a great tool for working from home.

Thus, in addition to classic telephony,you have the following options, available and accessible from your Teams interface:

  • Chat
  • Audio conferencing;
  • Video call…

During your calls, you can share a screen. In addition, you have the option to add multiple members of your team to your call. From a standard call or an individual video call, you can therefore switch to a bulk call with the screen sharing and instant messagingfeatures.

Call Routing


Depending on availability in your team, you can route incoming calls to other phone numbers. This system works thanks to the integration of your data on the Microsoft 365 cloud.

You can also answer calls and put them on a queue. Settings allow you to add a custom voice message and play music while your customers are waiting.

System flexibility


From any device, you can access, from your Microsoft Teams,a call number included in each online meeting. You can also view voicemail messages and transcripts.

Number portability.


You may already have the numbers to be in contact with your users or for your various services. However, as soon as you implement the IP telephony system for Microsoft,you can transfer these phone numbers to Microsoft Teams. All you need to do is make a transfer request, after which you can assign these numbers to your users and services from Microsoft.


In addition, you can decide to create new phone numbers and assign them to services or users.

Availability of conference rooms


With video conferencing andaudio conferencing systems built into Microsoft Teams, you can create conference rooms. It is possible to organize small meetings between a few employees or to create large conference rooms with a larger number of people.


In addition, the content sharing option makes online meetings more appropriate and interactive.


With these different functions, IP telephony facilitates and contributes to a better productivity of your company.

What we offer you at SSI Group offers you an economical, accessible, and secure IP telephony system. We also provide you with the assistance of our best experts in the efficient start-up of your system.



With the SSI Group, you will only have to pay the cost of the IP telephony system set by Microsoft. In addition to the system, you benefit from local support and the company’s service offerings.





Thanks to the expertise of our Professionals specializing in Microsoft, we proceed to the implementation of your IP telephony system in complete security and transparency.



Managed Services


With us, you benefit from managed services,provided by our Experts specialists in Microsoft. You get an excellent level of support. Support for Microsoft is available in English and French.


No matter how complex they are, our managed services keep your IT system and applications running without disruption. This allows you to focus on productivity, business evolution and innovation within your company.

Training your staff


To ensure that the Microsoft Teams telephony system is well operated, we offer tutorials, mainly for your staff.

The goal is to familiarize you and your employees with the Microsoft Teams interface. The goal is to ensure better productivity of your employees and the reduction of several daily tasks related to the use of conventional telephony.

Ultimately, the SSI Group takes care of guaranteeing you a simple and beneficial communication with the IP telephony included in Microsoft Teams. Beyond the functions of the classic phone, the IP phone makes it easier for you to communicate with your employees, users or customers. All this contributes to a better productivity of your company.

Your Microsoft infrastructure

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